Morning birdsong and the sound of a clear stream rushing down the mountain greet your ears as you set out into the Valhalla Mountains for a day of summer activity. Fresh air scented with subalpine fir fuels you as you ascend through a brilliant carpet of wildflowers towards a lofty alpine ridge. A golden eagle soars in warm breezes overhead and you scan the slopes opposite you for signs of the mountain goats, deer, and elk that inhabit the area. Stopping for a lunch break you converse with your friends about the spectacular view and serene quiet.

The terrain surrounding Valhalla Mountain Touring is diverse and plentiful, highlighted by frequent wildlife sightings and magnificent wildflower displays. For those wishing to hike, many peaks, ridges and bowls with stunning views are accessible, while strolls in the immediate surroundings of the lodge provide a more relaxed way to spend your day. Access to the lodge is easy via 16 km of unpaved forest service roads.

Get the most out of your stay with a guided and catered trip. Jasmin will guide you to her favourite spots, then come home to a delicious meal made with local, seasonal produce.