Get to know the staff of our family owned and operated business!


Jasmin Caton Owner/Operator/Guide

Jasmin Caton has been skiing in the Valhallas since before she could ski, or even walk for that matter. Strapped onto her parent's back is how she began exploring her backyard mountains, and sometimes when she is trailbreaking in deep snow she wishes she could go back to that mode of transport. After spending most of her twenties as a weekend warrior in the Coast Range and Wasatch Mountains of Utah while earning a BSc and MS in Hydrogeology, she knew for sure a life on the snow and rock was her true calling. Jasmin is an ACMG Rock and Ski guide, so get in touch if you would like a local's tour of some Kootenay rock! Jasmin is humbled to be supported in her passion of mountain adventures around the world by Patagonia, G3 Genuine Guide Gear and 5.10 shoes.



Dale Caton Retired Owner/Part Time Custodian (Jasmin's Dad)

A childhood of skiing prairie ice at Canyon Ski Area in Red Deer, Alberta could not cure Dale of his ski addiction. Exploring the ranges of New Zealand and Nepal in his early 20s fuelled his passion for mountain play.  Dale settled in the Slocan Valley in the late 1970s, powder snow drew him into the Valhallas and he started skiing in the VMT tenure soon after. After a busy 20 years of raising a family and building VMT up to what it is today, Dale is enjoying a small step down in duties with part time work and guidance of the operation. Otherwise he can be found in his garden, on his bike, and at VMT hooting louder than anyone when the snow is just that good. 

Lynda Morin - Retired Owner

Along with Dale, Lynda was directly instrumental in making VMT what it is today. These days, directly below Rugged Peak in the tiny hamlet of Hills, Lynda makes the best bread out of organic grain in her basement kitchen. Come on a catered trip and enjoy a sandwich built on Lynda's hand-sliced rye while picnicking on Caribou Ridge or a slice of baguette slathered in oozing melty brie by the lodge woodstove after a chilly day of deep powder. 


Annie Strucel Lodge Chef

Annie Strucel found the perfect fit at VMT with her years of experience in the culinary world. She worked at Fiddler's Green when first moving to Nelson in 1993 for 7 years before heading to the mountains and cooking for skiers in the backcountry. She has worked at several lodges and found her place at VMT in 2008 with no turning back. Her passion of creating healthy and delicious meals, climbing the mountains and skiing powder keeps bringing her back. Her motto is "do what you love and love what you do!" In the summer months she can be found cooking for Bluewater Adventures, a natural history sailing company. When not working she and her husband Dave enjoy traveling and spending quality time together.