Alpine skiers, telemarkers and snowboarders have amazing powder adventure experiences at VMT. Located in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, just north of Valhalla Provincial Park, the ideal mix of temperature, snowfall and mountain terrain create some of the best skiing on earth. With moderate winter temperatures and abundant winter snowfall, you can expect 3 meter snow depths by mid-winter. 80 km2 of alpine bowls, glades and chutes is just a skin track away from the lodge, allowing you to venture someplace new every day of your trip.The peaks and ridges soar to 2500m providing for continuous descents of over 800m back down to the lodge at 1720m. Intermediate and expert skiers and boarders will find plenty of terrain to keep busy.


The alpine terrain in the North Valhallas is truly spectacular. Places like Shannon Lake, Caribou Ridge, Grizzly Meadows, Rugged Peak and Big Sister Mountain offer alpine runs that average 600 vertical meters. Many of these runs are also north facing, providing the driest powder snow of your life.


VMT is in the heart of the Selkirk snow belt, so we experience frequent stormy days. Lucky for us 400m to 600m tree runs surround the lodge on all aspects. Intermediate to advanced skiers will find mellow glades to 40 degree pillow romps through mature timber.


Ski days at VMT will often include beautiful skiable summits and ridges, providing views of the Bugaboos, Kokanee Glacier, the rugged South Valhallas and many other majestic Selkirk Peaks.


It seems that almost every year one or two lucky guided groups get to lay down the first tracks down a new run somewhere in our tenure. Our terrain is massive, and when high pressure weather systems allow us to venture far afield we are still exploring new and exciting terrain.